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Voting Entitlements for October 2022-2023

2022-09-06 18:44:14

Officials and, in particular, Council representatives are invited to check the provisional voting entitlements published today on this website and available through the new menu item, Voting Calculations 2022-23. This is in the public area of the database so there is no need to login. If you have queries or suspect omissions there is a link on the page to the Voting Register Officer who should be able to give help.

Every effort has been made to allocate games submitted for rating to the appropriate organisation, often by consulting appropriate websites, but sometimes this cannot be done with certainty. For example, it might not be evident whether "Barsetshire Chess League" is an independent organisation or actually part of the "Barsetshire County Chess Association". Also, it may be obvious locally that the "Bishop Proudie Memorial Trophy" is a Barsetshire event, but not to the voting register officer. Even worse are the cases where the rating officer has submitted an event as organised by H&DCL: there are at least three chess leagues who describe themselves with these initials.

In these cases local knowledge will glady be received.

Nominations for the 2022 elections at the AGM

2022-08-12 11:38:38

Nominations are invited for the positions detailed below, which will be the subject of elections to be held at the Annual General Meeting on 15th October 2022. Posts due for election are listed below together with the intentions of the current holders regarding re-standing.

Members of the Board:

Director of International Chess Malcolm Pein is intending to stand
Director of Events Shohreh Bayat is intending to stand
Non-Executive Chairman Julian Clissold is not intending to stand
Non-Executive Director Stephen Woodhouse is not intending to stand
but does intend to stand for Non-Executive Chairman
Other elected posts:

Chair of the Council Michael Farthing is not intending to stand
FIDE Delegate Malcolm Pein is intending to stand
Chair of the Finance Committee Nick Faulks is intending to stand
Members of the Governance Committee (this Committee has no fixed size):
Mike Gunn is intending to stand

The rota setting out the positions on the Board that are subject to election in any given year is set out at the end of Regulation No. 2.
To be eligible to stand for election, a candidate must be a member of the ECF on the day of the AGM.
Each candidate for a post must be one of –
A retiring Director, the FIDE Delegate, the Chairman of the Council or a Chairman of a Standing Committee seeking re-election to the same Post;
A nominee of the Board for a Post; or
A person proposed by ‘the Requisitionists’ as defined in the Articles (see the website post entitled Motions for the 2022 Annual General Meeting
Nominations must be made by Thursday 8th September by sending an email to the Chairman of Council,, entitled ‘AGM 2020 Nominations’.

Election Addresses

A duly nominated candidate has the right to have an election address published on the ECF website. The body of the election address must be no more than 750 words in length. All election addresses received by the nomination deadline will be published simultaneously on the website: any election addresses received after the deadline will not be published.
Election addresses are published in pdf format. Addresses submitted in this format will be published as received, preserving any internal formatting. Addresses submitted in other formats, including plain text, will be converted into pdf format (or referred back if the format is not known to us). Exact formatting match cannot in these cases be guaranteed. Revisions to a submitted address will be permitted up to the nomination deadline but must be complete resubmissions – the Chairman or ECF staff will not make alterations on behalf of candidates. After the deadline no revised submissions will be accepted, even of a minor nature.

Conduct of Candidates
Candidates are required to comply with the Code of Conduct – Regulation No. 4 – click here – for the election campaign period.

The responsibilities of individual directors are set out in the Directors and Officers Responsibilities Regulations (Regulation No. 2), which is available on the ECF website. Candidates should note that the Board has the power to amend these Regulations at any time.

Motions for the 2022 Annual General Meeting

2022-08-12 11:33:40

The 2022 Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 15th October 2022 and will meet in Birmingham (venue still to be determined) with access also by Zoom (starting time 1.30pm). In addition to the prescribed business (including the election of Directors, the Chairman of the Council, the FIDE Delegate and members of Standing Committees, which is the subject of a separate post), motions to appear on the agenda must either be proposed by the Board or be proposed by ‘the requisitionists’. The deadline for motions by requisitionists to be received is Thursday 8th September and should be sent to Chairman of Council,, entitled ‘AGM 2022 Motion’.
‘The requisitionists’ comprise any of the following ‘full’ members (as defined by Article 1.1) –
(i) any Director;
(ii) the Chairman of the Council;
(iii) the FIDE Delegate;
(iv) a Chairman of a Standing Committee;
(v) any Representative Member of a Constituent Unit;
(vi) any two Representative Members of Counties;
(vii) any two Direct Members’ Representatives;
(viii) any two of a Representative Member of a County or a Direct Members’ Representative;
(ix) any five Individual Members or Representative Members of the Council.
Please contact the Chair of Council, Michael Farthing Email: if any assistance is required with the drafting and presentation of a motion.

New Council Database

2021-11-02 00:00:00

This is a test version of a new database that is designed to record details of ECF Council Meetings. The public interface will include news of Council activities and a record of Council decisions.

This first edition will document the Voting Register (back-dated to 2018) and show records of card votes since that date. It may in time be extended to cover other matters of interest.

There is also a separate member facility for Council Members that will allow update of their personal details and provide an ability for Council Representatives to appoint or change proxies. During Council Meetings this area will also be used for automated electronic voting.