ECF Council Database


Recent outage

2023-04-20 11:58:49

Apologies that the database has been down yesterday and today. This was caused by a power interruption that corrupted the server's main disk. A new disk has been substituted and the database restored from backup and everything seems to be in order, though I am still doing testing. Some recent changes may have been lost.

Data Corruption

2023-03-30 13:49:47

There has been a data corruption leading to loss of recent changes. In particular, voting entitlement changes from September 2022 have been lost and previous values are shown. This is being gradually corrected. Also, many encrypted passwords have been lost so registered users may well need to use the 'Forgotten Password' option at login to generate a new valid password.

Apologies for these problems which have resulted from my own foolishness

Michael Farthing
Voting Register Officer

Database transferred to ECF Server

2022-04-13 11:20:51

The database has now been moved from its development location to the ECF's own server. During this transfer some recent amendments were lost but will be corrected in the next hour or so. If you are concerned that your own data has not been handled please check again shortly.

If you have changed any of your personal details or reset your password today you may have to do this again, for which our apologies

New Council Database

2021-11-02 00:00:00

This is a test version of a new database that is designed to record details of ECF Council Meetings. The public interface will include news of Council activities and a record of Council decisions.

This first edition will document the Voting Register (back-dated to 2018) and show records of card votes since that date. It may in time be extended to cover other matters of interest.

There is also a separate member facility for Council Members that will allow update of their personal details and provide an ability for Council Representatives to appoint or change proxies. During Council Meetings this area will also be used for automated electronic voting.